Systemic Constellations

“Constellation” is a term being used in human science for the identification of a system as a set of elements being in relationship to each other. Such systems can be families, organizations with all their hierarchical levels, teams and processes as well as projects, etc. …

Human beings are influencing those systems while interacting with their beliefs, expectations, their way of thinking and feeling, their attitudes and spoken words. Thus, they all together create an invisible field containing all this kind of information.

As people are mostly not fully aware of their own behavioral patterns, this information field can hardly be clearly perceived.

Applying Systemic constellations, a clear and complete description of how the system is currently working can be rapidly provided from a meta-level perspective.

Moreover unconscious conflicts and emotional blockades as well as harmonically working relations can be made visible and become more perceptible.

Experiencing these fields and perceiving the influences of the interactions initiate transformation and change processes.

Some application areas:

  • Clarification of personal issues and conflicts
  • Support of decision making processes
  • Simulation of your company´s or your personal strategy
  • Mediation processes
  • Supervision of ongoing projects